Tracking #RedOps

Tracking #RedOps

So, I have been following this space of red team automation for a while...
and this post came out of a conversation I had with one of my co-workers about some videos I have been doing at work. So, I am going to try and keep this post up to date with info about different projects for red team automation projects.

This was the message:

There are a few people that have given at least like small intros into things, but not a suite of things to connect everything together for redops like I feel is possible for all the devops tools that are out there.
Ya, I am definitely trying to take that approach towards discoverability and niche for my content.
A few others that I have been following are these people:

with these posts/projects:

Everything else in this post will be trying to keep up to date info about #RedTeamOps/#RedOps. Please feel free to comment on this post, and let me know about the different tools/ideas you have about this topic 😁️


Lab Env

Vuln VMs





( ⬆️ means "Work in progress")

Web Apps


Attack VMs

Lesser known/eval'ing

these are some projects that I have found either through searching github for different things, or found on twitter. If I list something here then I am still identifying if it appears to be a viable/maintained project.

Potential Projects

I have seen discussion/talk about them doing some type of automation to help deploy their red team tool/infra: