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Virtualbox - Windows install

gotten here


Vagrant - Windows install

Windows install (gotten from here)

Vagrant - Linux install

  • repo supported (recommended, unless you are doing more advanced things (i.e. running unofficial hypervisors (i.e. qemu))):
    • ubuntu/debian: sudo apt install -y vagrant
  • HashiCorp way


Docker - Exploits


Scripting - Bash

Scripting - Bash - shamless self promotion

Scripting - Bash - Books

Scripting - Bash - Interactive

  • - good way that you can learn how to maneuver around the terminal, while learning about it's nuances. ( lots of community resources for how to solve these ) ( src: someone in the 49th )

Scripting - Bash - Explanations

  • - breaks down commands by their man page per flag, whenever I post a command I always include an explainshell link with it.

Scripting - Bash - Cool Projects

Scripting - Bash - More Advanced

Scripting - Bash - Misc

Scripting - PowerShell

Scripting - PowerShell - shamless self promotion

  • here is a post of cools scripting things I have learned/use

Scripting - PowerShell - Intros

Scripting - PowerShell - Books

  • Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches ( latest edition (as of writing) ) ( src )

Scripting - PowerShell - Interactive


SSH - Windows