Analytics for this site

Analytics for this site

tl;dr: here are all the analytics that get collected:

So, I ended up listening to a podcast episode on the changelog about a privacy respecting analytics company called Plausible, and thought I would check it out. I really like it because it is really minimal and doesn't seem too intrusive, which is exactly what I was looking for just to see how many people visit my blog without selling their data to Google... . While it isn't 100% accurate ( because ublock origin blocks it with this list ( as of 2020-10-17 ) & because they aren't as intrusive as google analytics ) it is still cool to me, because I get to see how many people might possibly be viewing my blog.

I feel like I only post on this blog for me ( which that is the main reason ) , and kind of get imposture syndrome about that no one really pays attention to my blog ( even though I think it is awesome 😁️ ). While I know I shouldn't care about what other's think it makes me happy to see that I am possibly affecting people's live. A perfect example of that is I post on the HashiCorp forums every once and a blue moon, and I had posted a comment about how to use terraform in a docker container. I hadn't logged into the forum for a while and one day when I did, I noticed my account icon had a red icon on it. I thought "what did I do wrong...", but to my surprise it was a notification that I got a badge because I had a "popular link".  I thought... "they have to have the wrong account or something" and I clicked through to the post they said it was on, and I was happily surprised to know that over 100 people had clicked through my link to see the blog post that I linked to 😁️. Those small joys in life help me feel good about the personal blog posts that I do, and make me excited to post more content.

So, while I know that some people might not like being tracked it makes me happy to know that you came here, and no one really tells me they visit my blog so tracking is the only way I can know. In light of trying to be transparent the following is the link to all the tracking information: ( I was going to iframe it, but I can't because they have X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN set, which good for them 🙂️ ). I made the tracking public, so that you know what I know. So, as I enable analytics on my blog I am also making this post to help you know what the analytics are for ( my personal joy 🙃 ) and what is getting collected.

If you want to do the same thing, here is a guide by Ghost on how to do it: and other platforms here:

NOTE: if you see a uuid as one of the urls for the sites that is me creating a new blog post and previewing what it looks like, I thought that was funny 😁️