I love using i3-gaps, especially for my work machine with x2go-server. This is a short guide on, what I think is, the most efficient, minimal, and "official" method of installing i3-gaps till it becomes official.

  1. install Regolith Linux's PPA: sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:regolith-linux/stable
  2. install i3-gaps: sudo apt install i3-gaps

The reason why I say this is the most "official" or supported way, is because Regolith Linux uses i3-gaps with Gnome. So the project has to keep up their PPA, so it can get the most recent features and stay up to date with i3-gaps upstream. You can also see if you start to look at the other i3-gaps PPAs, most of them are either out of date or varients of the Regolith stable PPA (for the most part). Here is Regolith's docs about their different ppa releases: https://regolith-linux.org/docs/getting-started/install/#ppa-sources