Enabling clipboard support for vagrant-libvirt (vagrant-libvirt clipboard)

Enabling clipboard support for vagrant-libvirt (vagrant-libvirt clipboard)

So, I think I have mentioned how much I LOVE vagrant 😁

One of the things that I normally never do, is use the GUI of whatever VM I am using vagrant to control. Even if I am using the clipboard for vim or my web browser for my automated vagrant box with kali linux I just use X11 forward for everything.

Unfortunetly, there are some times that I am not able to use X11 forward because the app doesn't render properly (bloodhound) or some weird electron apps. Β So, I had to use a weird electron app for a client recently and I needed to type my long password in for it... So, instead of typing my long password in I wanted to figure out how to enable clipboard support for vagrant-libvirt instead πŸ˜…

I had recently heard of another project that was called quickemu (from this podcast episode), and they mentioend how to enable clipboard support for an Ubuntu VM. Β Kali is close enough to ubuntu, so I installed those packages, and...nothing...so, I figured I have to be missing something....did some more research and found out that there are some libvirt things that you need to enable as well. Β So, I added some flags to my Vagrantfile (which weren't very straight forward to figure out how to add...πŸ˜“), and after another reboot IT WORKED 😁

So, after adding another commit to my kali project I enabled it for all people that want to use the clipboard with my project 😁 (the Vagrantfile portion you will have to enable, or if you use my Vagrantfile it is already enabled)

P.S. I also just got the first issue (not submitted by a co-worker) created by someone I don't know on my kali project πŸ₯³ (here is the link to it). It ended up just being some flags they needed to add to their Vagrantfile, so nothing I could do but it is proof that other people are using my project πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ